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BEST FEATURE FILM - Maryland International  Film Festival

Our Reviews

"...a deeply intelligent purpose, unapologetic intentionality, grounded storytelling..."

"...they serve as a catalyst for Avi to reconnect with life, and it's the moments when The Forgiving comes to life."

"David J. Stern's film is a complicated look at death, loss, and moving forward. The Forgiving is a no nonsense drama...and it doesn't take much to gain your attention."

"...a well-acted, acutely observed film; but can also take us to dark places in our own lives."

"David J Stern and his troupe have delivered a winner. As I wrote above, this film is excellently performed - and smart to boot."

"Jenna Sokolowski plays Avi’s wife Beth and, although she has limited screen time, she makes the most of it. While Emily Classen’s Renata, who later becomes Avi’s muse and the key to the unlocking his redemption, shines. Jon Gerard Healy’s performance as Avi is more than worth your time."

“…the intricate manner in which the story is weaved allows us to be pulled alongside a life that is spiraling out of control.”

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